Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Projects

The NIH Collaboratory is designed in part to support the design and rapid execution of several pragmatic clinical trial Demonstration Projects. These projects address questions of major public health importance and engage healthcare delivery systems in research partnerships. The data, tools, and resources produced by the Demonstration Projects will be made available to the greater research community to facilitate a broadened base of partnerships with healthcare systems. A UH2 is a cooperative agreement that supports the development of exploratory or innovative research activities (considered a pilot phase for feasibility assessment), and a UH3 award provides support for the second phase of research activities initiated with the UH2.

Active Projects

Title Principal Investigator Sponsoring Institution Phase
A Policy-Relevant U.S. Trauma Care System Pragmatic Trial for PTSD and Comorbidity (Trauma Survivors Outcomes and Support [TSOS]) Zatzick, Douglas University of Washington UH3

Active Bathing to Eliminate (ABATE) Infection Huang, Susan University of California, Irvine UH3
Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care (PPACT) DeBar, Lynn Kaiser Foundation UH3
Improving Chronic Disease Management with Pieces (ICD-Pieces) Vazquez, Miguel UT Southwestern Medical Center UH3
Lumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology (LIRE) Jarvik, Jeffrey University of Washington UH3
Pragmatic Trial of Video Education in Nursing Homes (PROVEN) Mor, Vincent; Volandes, Angelo; Mitchell, Susan Brown University School of Medicine UH3
Strategies and Opportunities to Stop Colorectal Cancer (STOP CRC) Coronado, Gloria Kaiser Foundation Research Institute UH3
Suicide Prevention Outreach Trial (SPOT) Simon, Gregory Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute UH3
Time to Reduce Mortality in End-Stage Renal Disease (TiME) Dember, Laura University of Pennsylvania UH3

In 2017, the NIH Collaboratory Coordinating Center conducted a series of interviews with the Principal Investigators of these Demonstration Projects to share challenges and lessons learned that may help in the conduct of future pragmatic trials.

Inactive Projects

Title Principal Investigator Sponsoring Institution Phase
A Blood Pressure Medication Timing Study (BPMedTime) Rosenthal, Gary University of Iowa UH2



NIH Collaboratory Demonstration Project Site Distribution

NIH Collaboratory Demonstration Projects are active in health systems across the United States,  as shown in the map below.

*Please note that pins may represent more than one site or project, and the pin location is not an exact representation

Demonstration Studies Placeholder
Demonstration Studies

NIH Implementation Team

Team Co-Chairs: Drs. Josephine Briggs (NCCIH) and Michael Lauer (NIH)

Clayton Huntley / Gregory Deye (NIAID)
Stephen Taplin / Jerry Suls (NCI)
Matthew Rudorfer / Jane Pearson (NIMH)
Linda Porter (NINDS) / Sarah Duffy (NIDA)
Paul Kimmel / Kevin Abbott (NIDDK)
Chuck Washabaugh (NIAMS) / Partap Khalsa (NCCIH)
Wendy Weber / Catherine Meyers (NCCIH)
Marcel Salive (NIA) / Jeri Miller (NINR)
Andrew Narva (NIDDK) / Barbara Wells (NHLBI)
Jane Pearson (NIMH) / Brett Hagman (NIAAA)

Additional Team Members

Leslie Derr (OD/OSC)
Christina Brackna (NCCIH)
Zsa Zsa Young (NCCIH)


UH3 Demonstration Projects: Principal Investigators
Back left to right: Doug Zatzick, Greg Simon, Miguel Vazquez, Vince Mor, Jerry Jarvik
Front left to right: Bev Green, Lynn DeBar, Susan Huang, Laura Dember, Gloria Coronado



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